Tot Ziens Stuut en Bruin

Last 26th of February one of the most iconic Electronics shops in the Hague closed its doors after 63 years... Stuut en Bruin you'll be missed. After two months open in 2011 (and some nice IC sales), they finally gave in to modern trends and closed the shop.

The picture above was take on the last Saturday, where the sign "there's still 1 day" was on the window.

Here is the google.maps picture

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We are now left with two other shops that are more focused towards other fields (satelite and consumer electronics and electronic/electric spares).
It is sad... but life goes on...


Thomas Novotny said...

Jij blog is zeer interessante!
I'll continue in english though since my dutch is mostly embarassing yet ;)
I'm pretty much into the same stuff (as in old 8-bit µPs, AVRs and home automation) so your blog is very interesting to read, also I should check out that hackerspace sometime when I'm in the Netherlands again!

keep it up :D

J Silva said...

Gruss Got Thomas!
My Dutch and German are also very embarassing, so I'll continue in english :-)
I've seen your webpage, great interest comics, space and electronics...
I haven't been at the hackerspace, life and work keep getting in the way... but I will... (when the babies are grown up...):-)