Dad at his Workshop

This Easter we went back to Portugal for a week. Make:Online had a "competition" about workshops... I immediately thought of my Dad's workshop, the most hectic I've ever seen. It's an all in one, Land Rover garage, metal workshop, wood workshop and electrical workshop. Through out the years I've seen many things coming out (and probably many getting in never to be seen again)... From repairing bikes, doing metal stands, from small cabinets to bookcases, welding and metal cutting to fixing a toaster (the current task).
To my Dad, because he deserves it! For trying to build a Galena radio with me when I was 9 (we didn't finish), for teaching me how to ride a bike, for showing me how to do some woodworking, for letting me see him working with the welding machine, for taking me to a factory shop and teach me to watch carefully the machines and keep my hands away from moving parts, for teaching me so much.
tis first on the internet, maybe one day I can push him to blog on his creations or failures.
Obrigado Pai!