Peppers update

My chilly crop has had its ups and downs. Some time ago the leaves of most stems where becoming yellowish and falling, latter the cause was known to be over-watering of the plants. Since reducing the water to once every three/four days (from once every day) the leaves started growing again and of a vivid green color.

When the temperatures are forecast to reach below 5 degrees centigrade during the night I bring the vase inside, otherwise most of the time the vase is outside facing southwest/west.

Nevertheless, our strange looking pepper is only now becoming reddish, it is supposed to be a Jalapeño, but it is curlier than most peppers I've ever seen. Most people don't know but before peppers become red and ripe, they go through a stage where they are mostly brown/black. Since the strange pepper is a bit bigger than most the color transition takes more time and you can see the color grading from green to red going through brown.

The leaves of this particular pepper are still yellowish, but at least they're not falling... I hope it recovers soon and reaches maturity A.S.A.P.

Meanwhile a new flower has open... so probably more peppers are expected for Christmas...

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