The Origin of Species

Finally I had the time and patience to finish it... It was hard but I got to the end at last! To all those future readers of Darwin's book a few words of advice:
- spare a couple of months, it is not easy ready as there is no action, it is basically a Ph.D. thesis presenting the Hypothesis of evolution and rebating some old (or still existing in revised form) different points of view.
- Naturally the book is biased towards the concept of evolution, when reading try to have an open mind and place yourself in Victorian times.

It was hard but fun, I must admit that I am surprised not only on how our knowledge has evolved (pun intended) but also how some things we now know for sure, were still unexplained at the time.
In the book Darwin suspects that earth started as continuous continent and only later the continents have separated, in order to explain the same species in different continents or in distant islands, we now call it the plate tectonics theory.
The markings in the book are to avoid dog ears in the pages, I try to mark important passages as I go through the book and later revise them..

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