SBC6120 Update

This weekend I started with the finishing touches to my SBC6120. I found what appears to be a "suitable" casing for the board, a power supply and the disk drive.
I would like to build inside a 12V and a 5V switching power supply from a 16-24V DC input, this power supply would allow the system to support either common 3.5 inch IDE drives or the smaller 2.5 inch laptop IDE drives (5V only).
I also need a power switch, a reset switch, access to the status indicators and a DB9 serial port connection.
For now I'm using a 1.4 inch IBM X40 drive and everything appears to fit. I would rather have a bit more room, but the next available case was too big.
I haven't gave up on finding the "best"case, but for that I still need to find a suitable power supply, a some nice looking panel switches (ON/OFF and RESET) and the serial connector.
An old chopping board is not the best background for an electronics project... but then again.. It's what I had at hand..

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