Follow up on Balcony garden

Our vegetables have been growing steadily for the past two weeks. I've been moving some of the sprouts that were born in the yogurt cups to the bigger vases, but now I don't have any more space. On some, instead of removing them from the cup, I just cut the cup bottom and push them into the vase.

I learned that carrots don't like and should not be moved! No wonder now that they took so long to adapt, on the other hand tomatoes, kale and the celeriac don't seem to bother being moved and are developing nicely.
On the "battle of the veggies" I seem to be up front in the kale, celeriac and carrots, unfortunately my tomatoes look like little dwarfs compared to Ana's..

Last week my kale reached some "maturity" and before it became too hot to eat a soup we decided to try doing a caldo-verde.

We used some of the bigger leaves of our kale to do it, with some "chouriço" and bread, hum ... delicious...

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mjd said...

Hi João and Ana! Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!

I love electronics and micros, and I also love growing vegetables. So please keep writing lots about both! Someone (me) is very interested!