New crops!

Time has arrived to start growing some more vegetables! Sowing should be done outside when you're certain that will be no more frost. Since in Holland you never know... we decided to start growing inside. Me and Ana also decided to "make a competition" to see who would have the best crop! Last Sunday we started, each of us would have a small wooden box with some yogurt plastic cups, we would sow the same seeds, each responsible for his box.. It is easy to see which one is mine (yes, the dirty one).

I placed yellow tags in each cup to know what was inside each of the yogurt cups, the names are in Portuguese, beware. The seeds are Tomato, Parsley, Celeriac, Rucola, Portuguese Cabbage and Araça.

By Tuesday my rucola was already germinating, Wednesday the cabbage was sprouting, today both are steadily growing.


Girilim said...

Boa sorte para a competição.
Aposto que estás a tratar a tua rúcula como um bonsai! Que ganhe o melhor :)

carlinha said...

Isso são mesmo legumes ou é outra coisa? :)
Boa sorte, mas cá para mim ganha a Ana. lol
Beijinhos para os dois.