Munny Hardware

A viewer asked to see the schematic and the BoM of the Munny project and finally had the time to do it. I didn't managed to produce a good schematic print, but I'm learning... I'll try to improve it...

The part list is the following:
U1 ATTiny15L (this part is obsolete)
U3 RGB LED from Sparkfun
R1,R4 10K
R2,R3,R5 100R
C1 10uF 15V
C2,C3 .1uF

I'll try to automate better the parts list with gEDA I'll post it again (using gnetlist ...something) and then I'll try to edit it to include datasheets and link to supplier.
As soon as I manage to assemble the program in linux with avr-gcc (avr-as) or have a C program compiled for the Attiny15 I'll post the software.

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nall said...

Your project inspired me to make my own. The code and schematic/board are at: