Porto Free Wi-Fi...

During this Christmas and New Year's break I went back to Oporto, my home town. I needed to keep connected to the internet in a quasi-regular mode. I found some free-WiFi hotspots that I can recommend, they are located mostly in the city center close to the old universities.
Here is a list of caffees and places were Free Wi-Fi is available:
I know for sure that there are many more, if you read this and know of one, please tell me and give me a link(google-location or website) and I'll update the list.
Another thing when it rains in Porto it really RAINS, beware...

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João Silva said...

After this post a friend of mine sent me the following link in Público:

Some of the places I noted are still not in the map, but I sure someone (or myself when I have time), will put these on the map.