My new bike wheels

A couple of months ago we had an accident with the bike. Ana was siting on the back, I was driving through Bezuidenhoutsweg when a (stupid) Girl hit us coming from the side. None of us was really hurt, but the front wheel of my kronan was slightly bent. I ordered a new set of front and back wheels, inner tube, and tires and last Saturday I prepared and fitted them. My bike is black and from the picture you might notice that the rims are painted in blue.... Yes, they were cheaper in blue, now my bike looks like it came out of a Bauhaus design shed. Since my last set of tires I started using "Slime TM" to prevent fixing the inner tube every time I have a puncture (quite common). It's really great, once you have a small puncture, just fill the tire back again until the leak stops, and you're up and running. I also changed the chain (good policy once you change the rear hub).

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