FireFly Jam Jar

I wanted to build a night-lamp for Luísa, something a bit less "spooky" than a blue IKEA Spöka that she has. I also wanted to be able to charge just by placing it in the sun (even there isn't much of that up here)...
I went back to my stack of old ATTiny15L and designed a circuit with four LEDs connected in a particular way that only used 3 pins to lit each of them. The other two measure external light (light on when it is dark) and battery (low bat... do nothing be very very still).
I got some jam jars and some Yellow/Amber LEDs and started programming, for the battery I selected a 3.6V 50mAh NiCad (i.e. junk hanging around) and the battery charger was a two transistor current limiter but after some tries I settled with a simple schottky diode from the panel to the battery.

The idea of the project is that when night falls (or lights out) the light goes on for about an hour hopping from one light to the other with different ratios of fade-in and fade-out. This hopefully will induce a sleepy feeling (like candles... by the way.. simulating four candles is also possible)
The schematic is the same as for the reindeer ball project, but this time I went "all the way" to a PCB FAB. I still have to wait for it to come but it looks nice in the preview.

It is my first "non-rectangular" board and actually my first milled board. We'll see how this project will look like in the end...

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