SBC6120 with a teletype

Recently I bought a Teletype (a Texas Silent 700 model 703), it is special as it uses thermal paper and it is surprisingly silent :-).

I installed the light guides on the SBC6120 indicators, so now they are much more visible.

I had to replace an internal dip-switch and find a power supply for it, unfortunately I could not find a suitable power connector, for now it is connected with a pair of crocodile clips. The power input is AC-Earth-AC and a suitable voltage is from 20V to 26V, the current is about 1.5A.

The serial connection is at 300Baud surprisingly slow... 30 cps... This was how computers were operated before there were VDU (or CRTs as you prefer), it is very interesting. Next I'll try to install the Adventure game... The serial cable that came with the machine had to be tweaked in order to make it work with the SBC6120.

Here is a clip of theSBC6120 booting connected to the TI Silent.

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emu_death said...

Hi there, I'm working with a few guys on a small video game console, and we are looking around for any EE's that might want to jump on board in order to give some technical advice(I'm currently the most EE-ish, but I have yet to start studying it in college(three more weeks :) )). If you have a free minute or two(or more), and would like to check it out I can give more info in an email, though I've had little luck finding yours, you can email me at emus.attack@gmail.com if you are at all interested. We are also looking for someone that would like to do schematic/PCB drawing, and would likely compensate anyone who helped out with those.


PS, love the blog, and everything you do(except gardening, I'm not much into that lol).