New Year's resolutions...

This year is coming to an end and this will be my last post (this year). I didn't post as many times as I wanted (I planned once a week, I'm close to once every two weeks), but that's the way life goes.
Most projects are "work in progress", so these are in plan for next year:
  1. in the mini68k I wanted to finish a working gdb-stub before advancing to the CP/M-68K code. I finally managed to make it work, but there were some bumps in the way. The way ahead is not without it's perils, to use gdb and CP/M at the same time I might need an extra serial port for which I have no breadboard space. I'll need to draw the schematics, possibly make a PCB, make the SDCard interface work and then port CP/M to it;
  2. in the mini85 I wandered off in some hardware questions (casing, with a floppy or without, processor speed, with DMA, cheap DMA, video, expansion, connectors, front panel, size of RAM, SD Card, SD Card removable, Flash or Eprom, serial ports, parallel port...). I'll need to settle down on the hardware, draw schematics, make PCB, fit in a case and close it;
  3. in the Solarlight project I still want to fit it neatly on top of my Pepper pot and to tune some more code, also add a larger heatsink for the LED. I also plan to do a new SMD PCB and bake the components in a SMD oven. Further, I'd like to build a bike light with the same circuit but no solar charger. I'll need to get the final schematic, draw the SMD PCB for solarlight and bikelight and make the code linux-buildable and downloadable;
  4. in the SBC6120 project I'll need to decide on how to fit everything inside the box and fix the harddisk to the PCB, also design the front panel, back panel and connectors.
  5. in the home monitoring project I'll need to rewrite the code for the new light sensor and adjust the pachube data to it.
I don't think I'll run out of electronics projects for next year, but if just in case I do, I have to change a pedal crank on my Kronan (got bent on a recent fall on the snow) and I'm waiting for some studded tires :-) , read some more books and try to reduce a bit the coffee intake...

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