New Pachube Feed

I finally had the time to create a new pachube feed and add the humidity monitor. It was almost "plug and play", I only had to convert the float values to integers and then scale them for one decimal point. My webpage server program uses the server.print function and it doesn't accept floats as input.
I kept the Light sensor, so one can see the relation between the changes in the values of temperature and humidity with the daylight. Other interesting (and expected) reaction is the increase in humidity once the clothes were out to dry in the living room (as I did this morning) :-).

The sensor is powered by a microcontroller port, and it is not (yet) filtered, I'll add a small capacitor to the power pins. This would allow to power the sensor only "on-demand", but I'm not sure if there are implications on the sensors stability. I know that it needs some time to correct the humidity readings...
The speaker is used only to beep every time the Arduino is queried, it beeps every 15 minutes by pachube.
The code is here, the pachube feed is here, and the picture of the system is bellow.

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