It is really my version of the German Bauernfruehstueck, yesterday the local hackerspace had their new year's party and "official opening event", shame on me but I could not go.... hope I'll be able to meet some of the guys there.
I hope this helps recovering from last night's party... I know it helps after long nights of kernel compilation and cross-toolchain building...(geek thought, sorry)

Start by peeling the potatoes and cut them in slices of about 1cm thick, it is better if you use a type of potato that stays firm after cooking. I usually add in some vegetables, green beans are my favourite but other vegetable that cooks firm is fine (broccoli in small pieces). I usually steam them for about 15 minutes before going for the rest of the recipe.
Start by frying the bacon for a few minutes, turn the bacon slices over, and let it cook for one minute. Add the potatoes and vegetables (and some onion if you want), some pepper and salt and mix gently, let the potatoes cook until they are golden, add some sliced parsley and remove from the fry pan.
Do some scrambled eggs on the same pan (keeping some of the bacon's fat) and serve.
et voilà...
A few after-thoughts:
- remember your cholesterol bacon and eggs are your enemies, "but it tastes so good..";
- the fruit juice is important, use orange or carrot juice, helps digestion :-)

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