Accidents happen... hoppefully only in 2009

I apparently only write about my bike(s) when something bad happens, well today I was ran over by a car...
I was comming from Pavillonengracht through the Stille Veerkade, night had just fallen, I was returning home after a small "shop tour" looking for agendas for 2010, a small computer mouse and a couple of pen refills.

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I had my lights on, as I remember turning them on when leaving the last shop. I had the priority and I saw the car waiting, I thought he saw me... Unfortunately he did not! The car hit me on the pedals, lost my balance and fell to the floor on my side and hit the head. I was amazed on how fast the general public reacted, immediately someone came to me, told me not to move and called emergency service. They started talking to me too fast for me to understand, I asked if they could speak in English and they all changed to English. They asked the usual questions, "if I had lost conscience?, pain in the neck?, if I thought I had anything broken?", "No,No,No" I said... the police arrived checked how I was, followed in a few minutes by the ambulance. By then I was pretty sure that I had nothing very serious, but I could have a broken rib.
In the ambulance a quick check was made, nothing broken just some bruises... Blood pressure and pulse a bit high (I think I was in shock), but nothing serious apparently.
Coming out of the ambulance, the police was waiting for ID check and note taking of the accident.
The man that hit me was also a bit nervous, I greeted him told him that I was OK, we exchanged addresses and contacts for the insurance and parted ways. I'll have the bike at the repair shop next week.
My sincere thanks to everyone that helped me, the casual people that called the police and came to help me, the Haaglanden politie and the Emergency Service in the ambulance.
The Kronan was not left in a good shape, she had taken most of the hit... we'll see how she'll recover from this one...

.... Update, after taking the bike to the incompetent bike shop under Den Haag Centraal Station, on the first ride I noticed the frame was bent... really bad... I'm not very hopeful that the bike can be repaired :-( ...

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