Harvesting the Carrots

Last Weekend we decided to Harvest my carrots from the vase. When we came back from a week away we noticed that they were not growing that much. We thought that they must have reached their limit in the vase so...it was harvest time... and we were in for some surprises...

The first one out of the vase was "Quasimodo", because we transplanted the carrots some of them had grown into strange forms. Lesson learned.... do not transplant carrots...

This one we really don't know what to call it... or... we do but it's not nice...they are actually two carrots that started in the same yogurt cup and ended up knotted together.Here's a picture of the whole crop, not bad for a single vase. Last but not the least:
This is the way the world ends,
this is the way the world ends,
this is the way the world ends,
not with a bang but with a chicken stew (at least for our carrots).

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