Formating a floppy in Mini85

My list of softwear and hardware tasks is becomming shorter by the day. That is the number of new tasks added during the week is less than the tasks I finish during the weekend...
This weekend I finished the formating function and the display help function. On the hardware I changed the regulated power supply by a home build switching power supply, I've also changed the Motor on timer to 30 seconds to reduce wear on the floppies.
I've also created a task lisk on the blog's front page so it's easy to keep track of the TO DO list on the Mini85. I think it is a good idea, to keep a todo list for each project while it is running.I'll keep a list alive and maintained until a new project comes along, then I'll do a new one.
The format routine had a few details, the interrupt routine had to be changed to support the read/write operations and format operations.

Two pictures of the switching power supply, pretty standard. An LM2575-5.0 simple switcher, a RENCO 330uH inductor with IRMS 3 Amp capability (an old sample I had) and a schottky diode 1N5819 (here the diode is only capable of IRMS 1A)...

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